Academic Coach, Statistics

Institution & Website Northcentral University
Job Title Academic Coach, Statistics
Duties & Responsibilities Part-time virtual Academic Coaches are responsible for promoting learning among Northcentral University students through engagement in a variety of forms, including synchronous and asynchronous coaching sessions, tutorials, and webinars. Coaches assist students in developing strong quantitative reasoning and written communication skills. Essential Functions • Implement best practices in working with adult online students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels • Provide synchronous one-to-one and group academic coaching • Provide asynchronous screencast or written coaching feedback • Assist students in becoming autonomous, self-directed learners • Provide post-coaching session feedback to students • Maintain records of student contact • Engage in the assessment of student learning • Develop academic resources to include video tutorials and lessons on assigned topics • Stay current with organizational, educational, and faculty development policies that affect the ASC • Continually improve coaching skills • Support the mission of the ASC within Northcentral University • Participate in required training, coaching, and other activities that promote high-quality coaching • Attend team meetings • Other duties as assigned by the ASC Manager • Reasonable and consistent attendance to fulfill requirements of the position
Requirements Master’s degree and previous tutoring/coach experience is required.
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Associate Director, Academic Success Center

Institution & Website Northcentral University
Job Title Associate Director, Academic Success Center
Duties & Responsibilities The Associate Director leads a team of part-time virtual Academic Coaches, who are responsible for providing academic assistance to Northcentral University students in a variety of forms, including synchronous and asynchronous individual and group coaching sessions, tutorials, and webinars. Coaches assist students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in developing competence in written communication and quantitative reasoning. Essential Functions • Independently direct and supervise all functions of the Academic Success Center in support of the university mission • Serve as the primary advocate for the Academic Success Center • Develop and implement assessment of student learning and continuous improvement programs to measure Academic Success Center effectiveness and make improvements based on the results • Develop and implement a quality assurance program to ensure that the content and process of coaching sessions and associated documentation meet expectations • Collect meaningful data and generate reports to be shared both within Learning Resources and across other departments • Monitor and continuously improve processes so that students are directed to the most appropriate resources, given their particular learning needs • Provide strategic leadership for the coordination and management of Academic Success Center services and the integration of emerging technologies and trends • Oversee strategic planning, department reviews, budgeting, accreditation tasks, resource management, and overall Academic Success Center policy and procedure planning and development • Negotiate contracts with vendors vigorously • Maintain strong collaborative relationships within the Academic Success Center, Learning Resources, and university • Work closely with stakeholders in all schools to support student learning • Incorporate appropriate technologies within the learning philosophy of the university to support its distance education programs • Provide creative leadership for design of webpages used by faculty and students • Collaborate with school leaders to integrate written communication and quantitative reasoning across the curriculum • Ensure that students who are referred to the Academic Success Center are supported fully with respect to their unique growth area(s) • Collaborate with other departments / institutions supporting students • Coordinate/establish cooperative agreements needed with other institutions / organizations • Foster an organizational culture based upon respect, service, teamwork, professional growth, and responsibility • Serve on various committees of the institution and represent the Academic Success Center on professional committees both locally and nationally • Seek external support for program initiatives • Investigate and implement new ideas and innovations in academic coaching • Help the Academic Success Center to evolve with the changing needs of students • Publicize Academic Success Center services and resources via various and appropriate means on a regular basis • Actively engage in professional development, research, and publication/ presentation of knowledge • Fill in for Academic Success Center team members on PTO when another team member with the same skillset is not available • Participate in required training, coaching, and other professional development • Reasonable and consistent attendance to fulfill requirements of the position
Requirements Master’s degree and experience managing an academic coaching center are required
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Learning Specialist (multiple positions)

Institution & Website University of Arizona
Job Title: Learning Specialist (multiple positions)
Salary  $45,000 – $50,000
Duties & Responsibilities: Meet with students individually and in groups to identify student needs, build rapport, and help students connect with resources and the campus community. Pinpoint potential barriers to academic success and help students identify ways to address those barriers; review student work products, converse with students, and engage in inquiry that helps identify barriers to student success. Provide concrete assistance with learning strategies; help students monitor and adjust strategies in the interest of reaching academic goals. Review student exams and work products. Help students analyze their performance, identify barriers to academic success, and develop strategies to optimize academic performance. Use D2L and other technologies as needed. Analyze curriculum and learning tasks and build customized learning supports for target population and courses; work with students, staff, and faculty to identify content or concepts that are difficult to master and help students, staff, and faculty identify means by which students can learn content successfully. Help create, offer, evaluate, and revise classes, workshops, and information resources that help students learn about, try, assess, and revise study strategies and processes that help them become self-regulated learners. May include teaching, co-teaching, or assisting with courses related to student success, such as academic inquiry, academic writing, concepts in mathematics, statistics, and science, or other courses Help develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based initiatives that help students connect with each other and the institution and that enable academic success, such as seminars, learning communities, research projects, service learning, etc. Keep accurate, thorough, up-to-date, accessible records of student contacts and student growth and progress using student tracking software. Keep accurate, thorough, up-to-date records of activities. Work with the university community (such as Learning Specialists, advisors, faculty, etc.) to contribute to a customized set of services that meets the needs of a specific department or target population. Contribute to needs assessment and the ongoing development/evolution of effective learning support services through inquiry among students, advisors, faculty, department representatives, etc. Contribute to departmental knowledge base about evidence-based practice in areas such as: study strategies, academic success strategies; the science of teaching and learning; programming that supports academic success and helps build connections among students, faculty, staff, and the institution. Collaborate with and build rapport with university community in a way that facilitates, invites, and deepens the development and use of student support services. Contribute to your own and other’s knowledge creation, knowledge building, and professional development.
Requirements  Master’s degree or higher in education, psychology, human development, or related field completed by summer, 2016.
Starting Date & Posting Dates  Posted now. Review begins in two weeks. Open until filled.
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