Associate Director of Academic Support

Institution & Website University of West Georgia
Job Title
Associate Director of Academic Support
$48,191 – $65,668
Duties & Responsibilities Assist the Center for Academic Success director with the successful implementation, management and assessment of all Center for Academic Success programs, particularly those that relate to Academic Support programming and Academic Coaching. Develop expertise in the use of and serve as campus coordinator for early alert systems and student interventions. Supervise the Coordinators of Academic Coaching and Academic Support Programs, as well as graduate and student assistants who serve these programs. Oversee documentation, budget, and assessment and data analysis for programs. Maintain appropriate data, record keeping, and certification of these programs. Provide academic support to students via academic coaching sessions as well as academic support/success presentations. Oversee and keep the Center’s website up to date. Serve on division and university committees. Perform other duties as assigned.
Requirements Bachelor’s degree; three years’ experience in higher education academic support services. Knowledge of learning theory and best practices in learning centers. Ability to communicate well both verbally and non-verbally with students, faculty, administrators and colleagues required. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are essential. Should work well in a team setting and strive for excellence in all aspects of work as well as demonstrate ability successfully to supervise and coordinate many projects simultaneously. Ability to use MS Excel and various databases for assessment.
Starting Date & Posting Dates  Apply online through March 31, 2017 with expected start date May/June 2017.
Submit the Following Information:  Cover Letter Resume

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